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Energy Savings Tips!

Did you know that weather is the #1 cause of high electric bills according to FPL? Well its true and cooling your home can account for half of more of your electric bill, especially in South Florida's Hot and Humid weather!

  • Regular Maintenance maybe the most significant part of saving energy! Your air conditioner requires regular Maintenance in order fo the unit to function effectively and efficiently! Neglecting Maintenance to a system can cause a steady decline in the system performance causing energy use to increase! For information on Maintenance Agreements click here

  • Thermostat settings are key as well, for every degree you set your thermostat above 72 deg, you will save up to 5% on your cooling cost.  We recommend you set your thermostat between 74deg to 78 deg

  • Install a programmable thermostat to automatically switch between two different temperature settings during the day.  Ensure the cooling and heating system keeps you cool when you are home and saves you energy when you are away.

  • Clean and replace your air conditioning filters at least once a month, this will help your system run more efficiently, cutting cooling costs!

  • Shade windows that face East and West.  Keeping windows shaded helps to eliminate unwanted heat from entering your home.  Unwanted heat causes the system to use more energy

  • Your systems evaporator coil should be professionally cleaned at least once per year to guarantee system is working in peak performance

  • If you are considering replacing your old system consider installing a high efficiency air conditioning system that is properly sized for your home.

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